Florida’s voter registration data will be cross-checked against information from 28 other states for the first time starting next year, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday, promising increased accuracy of the state’s voter rolls....MORE 


  TAMPA BAY TIMES - 08/22/2019

learyreports Trump, leaving WH late night for G7, takes another shot at Fed. “Not happy with Jay Powell,” he tells reporters (per pool)
08/23/19 10:09 PM
bsfarrington This isn't why I don't drink coffee, but now even more thankful I don't!
08/23/19 4:52 PM
bsfarrington Oh, and that mass email I mentioned about AP Florida's legislative meeting? It went to my probably incomplete Capital press corps list. If you're a reporter or editor planning to attend, email or DM me, or give me a call. My email and phone aren't hard to find on Google.
08/23/19 4:35 PM
Mdixon55 So, remember Patrick Dwer? Of course you do , yo
08/23/19 4:31 PM
bsfarrington And thanks, too, to @GovRonDeSantis @nikkifried @RepJoseOliva @AGAshleyMoody @JimmyPatronis @SenAudrey2eet @BillGalvano for confirming their attendance at the AP Florida session preview. Still waiting for a couple of more replies to our invitation.
08/23/19 4:01 PM
bsfarrington My shout out of the day goes to @CallTallahassee @MitchPerry18 @JimRosicaFL @Bill_Cotterell and @TroyKinsey for their lightning-fast response to my mass email letting Florida reporters know about the AP Florida legislative preview meeting! I love you guys. Thanks a million.
08/23/19 3:58 PM
bsfarrington Most days going to the mailbox sucks. But today, the mailperson delivered @Sleater_Kinney 's new CD, which makes it a really good day.
08/23/19 2:16 PM
FlaDems FACT: The GOP #PollTax disproportionately hurts black voters. We have to fight back for our communities and for our democracy. #Amendment4 #flapol
08/23/19 1:00 PM
fineout @GovRonDeSantis says he will be at the Gators-Canes game in Orlando tomorrow night
08/23/19 12:13 PM
Mdixon55 At @floridarealtors event, @GovRonDeSantis touts huge economic impact of WrestleMania coming to Tampa
08/23/19 12:06 PM
Mdixon55 Narrator: he was bumped
08/23/19 12:03 PM
FlaDems This is unconstitutional. White felons were nearly twice as likely as black felons to owe no fines, fees or court-ordered restitution. #flapol #Amendment4
08/23/19 12:00 PM
fineout FSU President John Thrasher says he doesn't want to "jinx" it but he is hoping for good news on Sept. 9 That's the date US News and World Report releases its 2020 rankings. FSU currently was tied for 26th in 2019. FSU's goal has been to break into the top 25. UF is 8th.
08/23/19 11:26 AM
fineout FSU President John Thrasher tells crowd at kickoff luncheon that he's "optimistic" about the upcoming season. FSU went 5-7 last year, but has made a lot of changes in off season.
08/23/19 11:18 AM
FlaDems If @KellyannePolls really wants to "empower women" she can start by calling out sexism and misogyny rather than defending it. #flapol #DefeatTrumpFL
08/23/19 11:00 AM
bsfarrington Today's poorly written profile from a bot that DMed me "Hi." -- "I'm single, independent honest caring faithful woman. positive out look on life. highly respectfull to my self an others sincere and kindhearted"
08/23/19 10:43 AM
FlaDems This is unacceptable. We deserve to feel safe in our communities and we deserve action. #BanAssaultWeaponsFL #flapol @RonDeSantisFL
08/23/19 9:59 AM
bsfarrington And here's a story about just how popular those potato chips are with prisoners: They really are pretty good -- but not sure I'll take the necessary acts to get access to them again.
08/23/19 9:51 AM
bsfarrington I learned at last night's execution at Florida State Prison that you can only get The Whole Shabang potato chips in prisons, so I bought the last bag in the vending machine. The worst of Florida's criminals (and @FL_Corrections staff) probably hate me now .
08/23/19 9:50 AM